Heavy Lift Slings

An investment in Yale Cordage heavy lift slings for industrial applications can pay off in time savings, equipment costs, and worker safety.

12-strand single braid, bio-based SK78 Dyneema® fiber

Sierra 78 is a 12-strand single braid of bio-based Dyneema®, an Eco Sustainable fiber. Made with bio-based feedstock, this fiber maintains the unique properties of Dyneema® while providing a more sustainable solution without compromising final product performance. Yale is excited to be one of the first to partner with DSM Protective Materials on this commitment to realize a more sustainable product. Choose Sierra 78 for exceptional performance and a certified green product for your equipment.

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Sling, Dyneema® SK78 core, UHMWPE from DSM protective materials sleeve

LOUPS are the most efficient synthetic slings available and far lighter than steel or conventional round slings. LOUPS bend gracefully. If you look inside a LOUP, you will find just one continuous looped piece of rope (Figure 1), which has been end-for- end spliced to itself.

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8-part eye and eye sling made with Unitrex synthetic cable

U.S. Patent No. 9,296,593 B2 - Singapore Patent No. 11201507689 - China Patent No. CN 105209368 - Australia Patent No. 2014239887 - AU South Africa Patent No. 2015/07153 - European Patent No. EP 2969881 - Saudi Arabia Patent No. 7209 Fortis2 Slings are heavy-lift, multipart slings made with our Unitrex XS Max Wear synthetic cable that has a core of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber encased with neoprene and a tough braided jacket of high-tenacity polyester. The result is a heavy-lift sling of Unitrex XS that has the durability and stiffness of a wire rope sling at a fraction of the weight.

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Parallel core synthetic cable, UHMWPE from DSM core, neoprene tape, polyester sleeve

Unitrex XS Max Wear, Uniline's high-tech cousin, is a parallel-core rope of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), wrapped with a neoprene tape and over-braided with a tough jacket of high-tenacity polyester. The result is a synthetic cable, somewhat stiffer than your usual rope, which is much like wire in its stretch characteristics.

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8-strand plaited construction of Unitrex synthetic cable

Unitrex XS-8 consists of eight (8) Unitrex ropes plied together to form an 8-strand plaited cable. Very strong, very light and very abrasion resistant, Unitrex XS-8 is unique.

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