Accessories and Tools

A selection of specially engineered rope tools created to work with Yale’s innovative products designed for applications in the utility industry.

Technora® braid in a sleeved construction

TechEye2 and TechJoin2 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Unitrex XS parallel-core cables. TechEye3 and TechJoin3 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Uniline parallel-core cables.

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Sling, Dyneema® SK78 core, UHMWPE from DSM protective materials sleeve

LOUPS are the most efficient synthetic slings available and far lighter than steel or conventional round slings. LOUPS bend gracefully. If you look inside a LOUP, you will find just one continuous looped piece of rope (Figure 1), which has been end-for- end spliced to itself.

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Catch off grip for Unitrex stringing lines

An appropriately sized Tandem Stopper Assembly is the only recommended midspan termination technique for Unitrex. When properly configured, it is rated to the full working load of the underlying Unitrex. Other conventional termination devices / techniques have been demonstrated to cause an unacceptable amount of damage to Unitrex when tested.

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Technora® Aramid

YaleGrips are made from a Technora® Aramid fiber at braid and are assembled in a 4-leg configuration extending from a reinforcing, securing eye. The eye is covered entirely with an extra layer of braid, which is saturated with Maxijacket urethane, an abrasion-resistant coating for extended life.

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